Swissline offers premium skincare products formulated to achieve real results. One of the most interesting features in the online store is SKINCARE ANALYSIS tool that allows to find cosmetics corresponding with different skin types.

It is a store built for a leading clothing brand in Poland. One of its most interesting features is the sales campaign tool, which automatically generates a discount for the second and another cheaper product for the selected category.

Wooden Story

Wooden Story produces unique and natural wooden toys. In the store we put emphasis on communication with the customer and aesthetics, which emphasize the high quality of the products of the world-renowned brand and the ecological character of the company.


This is a B2B platform filled with tailor-made features, such as: a special packaging cost calculator, a possibility of negotiating transport costs to international markets or additional module for calculating shipping prices – these are just some of them.


This is the largest price comparison tool for food products in France. It supports over 4,500 stores and over 8,000 products. The mechanism we have built downloads and updates on a daily basis 11 million product prices from FMCG sector!


This website invites users to explore the inspiring people’s lifestyle spectrum, from interiors to fashion, beauty products to travel destinations, work to culture. The advanced lookbook feature provides an easy click-to-buy and save-to-wish functionality.

Modne Duże Rozmiary

A non-standard 3-stage checkout was designed in response to the needs of customers with a view to facilitating the buying process. The mobile version is tailor-made, thanks to which the main page’s layout is different and filters are differently displayed.


M2BEAUTÉ develops innovative cosmetic products. The store was created on a basis of PrestaShop 1.4 version. As an agency we were asked to update it to version 1.6 of PrestaShop and present it to customers in a brand new shape.


DECOSALON is one of our biggest projects! The store uses the Advanced Stock Management feature and automatically imports products from numerous suppliers. In the store we have used an interestong filtering system based on Advanced Search 4 module.

The store came to us with a problem of significant changes done in the core files by previous developers. Due to them it was impossible to further develop the store and install modules. We had to rebuild the store, migrate & adapt the theme and develop new features.

The store was created on a basis of PrestaShop 1.4 version. As a PrestaShop Partner Agency we were asked to migrate the database and update the store together with its layout to version 1.6 of PrestaShop and present it to customers in a brand new shape.


You may be interested in the module that allows to automatically generate inquiries for specific products. It is not a simple form but a dynamically generated document that retrieves the product descriptions from various tabs of the Visual Composer module.


Although we did not create this store, we are constantly developing and improving it. We started the work by optimizing the page speed and migrating it to a different, more efficient and better configured server. Check the effect yourself!

Couches Pour Tous

The implementation of this store required migration of customers, products and orders bases from Clicboutique system to PrestaShop. As the store is dedicated to French customers, we have been implementing and integrating modules adapted to the local market.


At first, the store was created on a basis of PrestaShop 1.5 version. As an agency we were asked to update it to version 1.6 of PrestaShop and present it to customers in a new shape. What is more, the store was created on a basis of ready template, though significantly modified.

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PrestaShop Support Plans

Metaforyczne wyobrażenie wsparcia technicznego

The SUPPORT PLANS offered by Jash Technologie are prepaid blocks of hours of developer’s, graphic designer’s, or webmaster’s work (depending on your needs). Should you require any adjustments for optimisation and security of your store, want new modules, or would like to have technical errors fixed: we are ready to assist you whenever a problem arises.


Online Shop Development

To create an effective and profitable online store, you need knowledge and experience. We have both of these things and more: professional developers, great graphic designers, caring project managers. These are reasons to choose us as an e-commerce partner.